If you are experienced in nursing policy, health, and higher education and demonstrate expertise in public and private approaches to creative systems of health care delivery and higher education, submit a nomination today.

NLN Board of Governors

The NLN Board of Governors is a special group of diverse individuals who share the NLN’s Mission and Core Values. Members of the board assume significant responsibilities for all aspects of the organization – shaping our vision, developing our policies, advancing our mission and goals, and ensuring our growth.

  • Available positions: NLN Chair-Elect, Treasurer, and One Governor-at-Large
  • Elected individuals must attend the Annual Business Meeting at the NLN Education Summit.
  • Time commitment: Board of Governors members have up to three face-to-face meetings per year and several conference calls.
  • Requirements: Must hold agency or individual membership. Information about basic board responsibilities is available here.

NLN Certification Commission

The NLN Certification Commission oversees and supervises the NLN Academic Nurse Educator Certification Program. The commission serves as an independent and autonomous body within the NLN. Among other authorities, the commission is solely responsible for all certification program policies and decisions related to: certification and recertification eligibility standards; examinations and other assessment instruments; budget development, consistent with NLN policies; program planning; document and information retention; fees; selection and supervision of qualified personnel; and program resource allocation.  Those individuals appointed or elected as a Commissioner on the CNE Board of Commissioners will also serve on a Certification Test Development Committee. All policies and procedures for the certification program shall be determined by the Certification Commission and reported to the NLN Board of Governors.

  • Available positions: Two NLN Certification Commissioners
  • Time commitment: The NLN Certification Commission meets three times annually, one of which is face-to-face. Attendance at all meetings is required.
  • Requirements: Must hold the CNE credential (CNE/CNEcl/CNEn).

NLN Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee solicits appointments from individual and agency representative members and self-nomination for individuals having knowledge of the board operations and an understanding of the competencies required. 

  • Available positions: Two NLN Committee Members
  • Time commitment: Nominations Committee members have one face-to-face meeting and one conference call per year.
  • Requirements: Must hold agency or individual membership.

The NLN Nominations Committee reviews all applications received and then prepares a slate of candidates for election each year. The committee is especially interested in recommendations that will ensure that the NLN has a breadth of experience in national and international policy discussions on nursing, health, and higher education; a deep understanding of society’s multiculturalism; and a demonstrated expertise in public and private approaches to creative systems of health care delivery and higher education.

Nominations Deadline: January 31, 2023

If you are chosen for the ballot, you will be notified by April 15, 2023. NLN elections will take place in May-July 2023. All elected candidates should be ready and able to take office during the 2023 Annual Business Meeting at the NLN Education Summit near Washington, DC, in September 2023.