Position Library

To share National League for Nursing thinking and deliberations with members, the greater health care community, and the public, the League has issued a variety of living documents for reference. 

  • NLN Vision Series (position statements)
    NLN Vision (position) Statements serve as a roadmap for the future of nursing, reflecting the NLN's role as the leader in nursing education.
  • Novice Nurse Educator Competencies with Task Statements
    The publication of the Core Competencies book with the competencies and task statements ascribed to the novice nurse educator will not be published until 2023; we would like to share those with you until the new book is released.
  • Reflections & Dialogue Series
    NLN Reflections & Dialogue papers consider issues of importance from the broadest viewpoint, inviting the perspectives of others and creating an exchange of ideas.
  • NLN Statements
  • Archived Position Statements
    These documents are available as historical documents for research purposes. Approved by the NLN Board of at the time of publication, references have not been updated and information presented may not necessarily reflect trends and issues relevant to current nursing education and practice.