Nursing Education Research Conference


Regenerating Research in Nursing Education: Moving the Science Forward

March 30 - April 1, 2023, in Washington, DC

The focus of the 2023 NLN Nursing Education Research Conference (NERC) was on the future of research in nursing education and forward thinking that informs radical change in the evidence for our pedagogical practices. Responses to the pandemic uncovered the gaps in knowledge and challenged how nurse educators/scientists generate and use the evidence. These responses served as a catalyst for nurse scientists to examine the lessons learned and created space for regenerating research and moving the science forward. Robust research designs and the mentorship of a body of diverse nurse scientists who advance the revolutionary changes are essential to preparing the next generation of nurses.


Plenary Session
Building the Science of Nursing Education: What Will It Take?

Speaker: Marilyn H. Oermann, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN


Marilyn Oermann is the Thelma M. Ingles Professor of Nursing at Duke University School of Nursing. She is the editor-in-chief of Nurse Educator. Dr. Oermann is the author/co-author of 33 books, more than 210 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and many editorials, chapters, and other types of publications. Her current books are: (1) Evaluation and Testing in Nursing Education (6th ed.); (2) Writing for Publication in Nursing (5th ed.); (3) Clinical Teaching Strategies in Nursing (6th ed.); (4) Teaching in Nursing and Role of the Educator: The Complete Guide to Best Practice in Teaching, Evaluation, and Curriculum Development (3rd ed.); and (5) A Systematic Approach to Evaluation of Nursing Programs (2nd ed.).

Dr. Oermann has received the NLN Award for Excellence in Nursing Education Research, the Sigma Theta Tau International Elizabeth Russell Belford Award for Excellence in Education, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Excellence Award, the Margaret Comerford Freda Award for Editorial Leadership in Nursing from the International Academy of Nursing Editors, and the NLN President’s Award.

    NERC Program Outcomes
    1. Use robust designs to generate, translate, and disseminate evidence for teaching practice
    2. Cultivate a body of nurse researchers who are diverse to lead the advancement of the science of nursing
    3. Recognize the diverse influences informing the science of nursing education
    4. Integrate research findings into educational practice and policy
    5. Establish the connections between the science of nursing education and patient care outcomes
    Tracks: NLN Research Priorities
    1. Build the science of nursing education
    2. Build faculty teaching practice
    3. Co-create partnerships with stakeholders
    4. Build a diverse nurse faculty workforce
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