Addressing Climate Change Is Crucial to Nursing’s Future & the Well-Being of the Nation & the Global Community

The conditions in which people live and work have a profound impact on health status and the prevalence of health inequities throughout the United States. As these social determinants of health have gained prominence among health care and public health experts, saving the planet from the devastating effects predicted by climate science has become increasingly urgent.

Climate change presents an existential threat that requires sustained, strategic, and systemic action to mitigate the long-term devastation it will inflict on communities, families, and individuals. Nurse educators and organizations can help address the ongoing challenges and effects of climate change on health, advocate for a sustainable environment, and advance health equity and nursing education.

Join the NLN in getting the word out that the health of our people is vital to the health of our planet.

Social determinants of health is a major focus of national and international organizations. The NLN and Walden University College of Nursing Institute for Social Determinants of Health and Social Change is established to address these issues, including the impact of climate change on communities. 

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    2022 NLN Education Summit

    Healthy Planet, Healthy People: Leading the Way Through Education, Practice, and Policy

    Nurse educators from around the world shared transformative ideas on mitigating climate change, promoting a sustainable environment, and advancing health equity.