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NLN Assessment Services offers high quality assessments to support and validate learning for nursing students and practicing nurses.

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NLN Assessment Services is a leading provider of online assessment, analytics, and consulting solutions for nursing institutions, schools, and programs as well as hospitals and home health care providers.

Together with nursing schools and programs, the NLN is focused on preparing the next generation of nurse educators and leaders so they are ready to provide skilled nursing education to help create and maintain a highly skilled and diverse nursing workforce. We are passionate about the ability of assessments to go beyond screening to provide information about student abilities, strengths, skill gaps, and remedial needs.

Now offering NCLEX Reviews that are OPEN to both programs with a smaller number of students and individual students themselves. Learn from one another in a pre-scheduled, open virtual setting with expert faculty!

Upcoming OPEN PN NCLEX Reviews

June 13-14, 2023

August 8-9, 2023


Upcoming OPEN RN NCLEX Reviews

Coming Soon!

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From pre-admission assessments to nursing education programs to in-practice assessments, our offerings provide valuable data and insights to nursing educator programs to aid in decision-making and to prepare students for success.



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Facilitate admissions decisions through a standardized, high-quality instrument.

Facilitate educational mobility with diagnostic evaluation of nursing knowledge for those seeking advanced placement in a nursing program.

Assess student performance in key PN content areas to assess program outcomes and meet the needs of students.

Assess student performance in key RN content areas to assess program outcomes and meet the needs of students.

Assess student performance in key content areas to assess program outcomes.

Assess NCLEX Exam readiness through this end-of-program diagnostic assessment.

Get students NCLEX® READY through onsite and virtual review workshops led by expert nurse educators.

Gain valuable insights about staff knowledge to aid training and development efforts.

Assessment Services Team

Our team is deeply committed to providing nursing programs and students with excellent customer service and an innovative product line of assessments.